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  GOURMET COFFEE Roasted Coffees | Decafs | Organic Coffees | Green Coffee | Gourmet Selection
É Café Canada Gourmet Coffee

Enjoy the delicious taste of É Café Canada Coffees. Our roasting and blending techniques differentiate us from all other roasters in North America.

Our coffee is freshly drum-roasted every two days and is delivered straight to your door!

Premium Teas

The premium assortment of teas ranging from traditional black teas (Earl Grey, English Breakfast) to trendy flavored green teas (Jasmine, and more) can be shipped to you in boxes of 12 sealed composite cans.

This new packaging method ensures that your tea stays fresh for a very long time.

  ITALIAN BISCOTTI Almond Varieties | Hazelnut Varieties | Assorted Biscotti
É Café Canada Biscotti

Enjoy delicious traditional Italian Biscotti in the comfort of your own home. Serve with coffee or alongside another delicious desert.

We guarantee against any and all breakage of our biscotti.

  ESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINES Astoria Espresso | Grace Espresso | Quick Mill Canada
É Café Canada, Grimac Espresso Coffee Machine

Click on one of the above links to discover our wide selection of stylish and high quality Italian espresso coffee machines. Delight in delicious espresso, cappuccino and café au lait.

Our Espresso Coffee Machines are well suited for any business or upscale consumer.

É Café Canada Gourmet Gift Basket

Try our Gourmet basket full of delicious snacks and tasty coffee, all for only $26.74 !

· 1 decorative tin can
· 6 chocolate covered almond biscotti
· 1 jar of chocolate covered coffee beans
· 12 oz of Espresso Ocho
· 12 oz of Colombian Supremo

  GRINDERS Quick Mill Canada | É Café Canada Grinders
É Café Canada Quick Mill Coffee Grinder

A great tasting cup of coffee starts with the perfect grind. The grinders available from É Café Canada will enable you make a delicious cup of coffee every time.

É Café Canada Industrial Roasters

É Café Canada can get your business up and running with one of our state of the art coffee roasters.

É Café Canada Kiosk Development

É Café Canada offers design and customization of stand alone coffee kiosks.

É Café Canada Plant Setup

Contact É Café Canada and we can help you get your coffee plant fully equipped.

Subscribe to É Café Canada newsletter and stay up to date on all of our special offers, new products and great promotions.
É Café Canada is a leader and innovator with 35 years of experience in the coffee industry. É Café Canada's success story has been patiently built by providing our customers the best designed, best built, and best priced coffee brewing equipment, complimented by a full variety of exotic coffees from all over the world.

Our diversified product line, complimented with our personalized service allows us to be the “one stop” company for your coffee product needs.


Our roasting and blending techniques are the two factors that differentiate us from all other roasters in North America. Our approach to roasting is to allow the four major properties of coffees to develop in a slow and natural way. All of our coffees are drum-roasted between 15-19 minutes allowing the sugars, lipids, minerals and water to create the best cup of coffee this side of Rome. These techniques were created over 100 years ago. We are just going back to coffee roasting's roots!

Savour our wide selection of South American Coffee, Central American Coffee, African Coffee, Pacific Rim Coffee, Espresso Blends, Finest Coffee Blends, Decaf Coffee, Organic Coffee and Green Coffee.


Our biscotti are sold in boxes of 120 biscotti separated in bags of 10 biscotti each. Each bag is vacuum packed in polypropylene bags, which insure freshness and eliminates breakage. Each box made of 200 PSI cardboard, 13” x 10” x 6”. Each box is separated in 12 sections of 10 biscotti each. We guarantee against any and all breakage of our biscotti.

Be tempted by our delicious selection of almond biscotti, almond with chocolate dough biscotti, chocolate dipped almond biscotti, almond chocolate chip biscotti, hazelnut biscotti, hazelnut with chocolate dough biscotti, chocolate dipped hazelnut biscotti and our sumptuous biscotti assortment.


É Café Canada offers a wide selection of high quality, stylish, electronic, semi-automatic and automatic Italian Espresso Coffee Machines;

· Astoria Espresso Machines: Sibilla, Divina, Argenta, Sara, Rapallo, Luna, Prima, Di+Piu and Gloria. A wide selection of electronic, semi-automatic and automatic espresso coffee machines.
· Grace Espresso: The Grace Machine, a metallic body machine that features semi-commercial quality components and can easily produce many continuous espressos and cappuccinos.
· Quick Mill Canada: Inox_Dosamatic Inox, Stretta Old, Superiore Profi, Super Cappuccino and Professional Espresso Coffee Machines. High Quality home and office fully automated and half-automatic espresso coffee machines.


· Commercial Silos: Chrome or brass stamped-metal sio, chrome silo T10a, chrome candy style silo.
· Industrial Silos: 250 kg capacity each


É Café Canada offers the design and customization of stand alone coffee kiosks.


É Café Canada offers high quality commercial roasters;
· The TR 2.5 Kg Roaster, TR 5 Kg Roaster, TR 10 Kg Roaster, TR 15 Kg Roaster, TR 30 Kg Roaster, TR 60 Kg Roaster, TR 120 Kg Roaster and the TR 180 Kg Roaster.


É Cafe Canada offers exceptional home and commercial coffee dosers and grinders;
· Home Coffee Grinders: Quick Mill Replica Grinder, Quick Mill Electric Coffee Grinder, Innova-Profesionale model i-1.
· Commercial Coffee Grinders: Bunn Grinder
· Doser Coffee Grinders: Doser Grinder Astoria Commercial
· Commercial Coffee Dosers: Coffee Doser
· Hand Coffee Grinders For The Home: Coffee Grinder, Wood Coffee Grinder, Wood Grinder.


É Café Canada offers a complete line of accessories for all of your coffee needs;
· water softener, milk frother, stainless steel measure, french press coffee and tea maker, aluminum coffee press, biscotti jar, cappuccino maker kit, double knock-out drawer, french press coffee mug, bistro teapot, bodum, lucaf detergent, manual grinder, mini espresso maker, nylon brush for group head, plastic coffee press, plastic measure, replacement glass for coffee maker, round silver teapot, stainless steel sugar bowl, stove tops and more.

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Fair Trade Certified coffees are availible at our store as well.

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